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Chaine des Rotisseurs-Restaurateurs-Chefs and Culinary Professionals: A Valuable Privileged Partnership


partner_membership_23One of the most acclaimed restaurant in Seattle. Terresa and Executive Chef Kevin Davis and owners of the Steelhead portrays their desire to offer a diner atmosphere (a place where people go to relax, socialize and eat comforting food) with a menu that takes casual diner food to a new level. The menu ranges from his famous gumbo to his equally famous crab cakes to a Wagyu beef burger and Kilt Lifter fish and chips and complemented with an extensive 100% local wine list. Chef Kevin is assisted by a remarkable Sous-Chef Anthony that will always take good care of our Chaine members.

Madison Park Cafe

partner_membership_28Opened in 1979, the Madison Park Cafe is a Seattle restaurant serving French bistro fare. Recipes in this collection come from both the cafe’s owner and founder, Karen Binder, and the restaurant’s chef, Rich Coffey. On their evening menu you’ll find such French basics as onion soup, cassoulet, and steak au poivre. Onion soup arrives scorching hot, its caramelized onions and rich beef broth supporting the requisite crouton and Gruyère.
What makes this restaurant unique is Karen’s warm and contagious hospitality and kindness. It is also one of the best restaurant to eat outdoors. As a Chaine member, you will always appreciate to be recognized and welcomed by Karen with a glass of bubbly on the house.

Cafe Juanita

partner_membership_32Another King County landmark! Cafe Juanita features nationally acclaimed Northern Italian cuisine prepared using the freshest Northwest ingredients and complimented by an award-winning wine list. They are 90% organic in raw ingredients. Chef/owner Holly Smith’s regard for ingredients is apparent and a frequently changing menu ensures everything is at its peak. The restaurant has an excellent wine list. You also will be impressed by the high quality of service. Whenever you decide to have dinner at Café Juanita, Chef Holly, her restaurant manager Sarah and their top waiter, Jim will make sure that your experience as a Chaine member will be memorable.

Olives’s Cafe and Wine Bar

olivecafe_logoOlives made its debut as a specialty-foods shop, later transformed into a petite wine bar and expanded this summer into the store-next-door, more than doubling seating capacity. Chef Michael Young caters to his clientele with 60 wines by the glass, offering fun flights (pouring four glasses rather than the more common three) culled from a global list. Chef Michael also excels in the creativity and originality of the dishes served. His style and personality make this restaurant a destination. Introduce yourself as a Chaine member and right away Chef Michael will make you feel welcome and will prepare just for you one his signature appetizers.