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Mission Statement

The Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliage des Etats-Unis, unites professional and amateur gastronomes in a private, non profit society committed to promoting the culinary arts and those of enology and hospitality through example, education, and camaraderie.

Based on the great traditions and high standards of the medieval French guild of rotisseurs or "meat roasters," our confrerie celebrates the pleasures of the table, encourages the development of young professionals by awarding scholarships and sponsoring competitions, and, as part of an international organization, fosters friendships among members around the world.

Seattle Chaine Information

The Seattle Bailliage was founded in 1975 by Westin Hotels Chairman Lynn Himmelman and a group of hoteliers, restaurateurs, purveyors, wine distributors, and foodies that shared the same passion for the pleasures of the table. The Seattle Bailliage is one of the largest in the States with 130 members (about 7,000 members Nationally) and is under the current leadership of Bailli (President) Robert Cugini.

Bailli Robert Cugini is surrounded by a dedicated Board of Directors whose goal is to providing every six weeks high quality culinary events, ranging from black tie multi-course gastronomical dinners at the areas finest restaurants and hotels, to casual summer picnics at which the Bailliage raises money from an auction to support local culinary scholarships programs.

What makes our Society so unique are our members. They are the soul and the foundation of this solid and venerable structure that was built centuries ago.

Most of our memorable time usually starts around the dinner table, with a few good bottles of wine, authentic and delicious food and a lively conversation that heats up as the dinner goes on. Also it is often a time where passion, romance and friendship are sealed. This is what we are all about, a gastronomical Society where members understand these values and like to share with each other their passion and strengthen the bond that brings our members together.

Benefits of Membership
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