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Seattle Bailliage Scholarship Program

Our Scholarship program is designed to underwrite educational expenses of especially promising professionals, our next generation of leaders in the food and hospitality industry.

The term Chaine Scholar is the designation given to a scholarship recipient, each of whom must meet high scholastic standards and possess the attributes and attitudes which reflect the very best in professional standards, dedication, and commitment.

Our Bailliage gives funds, earmarked for scholarships, directly to a local school and ask the school to select one or more recipients. By selecting local schools, our Bailliage has an opportunity to establish close ties with the administration and teachers.

2009 Young Student competitors for the Special Scholarship Award (winner Emily is in the middle)

One Bailliage works closely with two area schools that have culinary arts programs. Particularly talented students are selected who join the Chaine in the student category of Rotisseur. These student members often help in the kitchen at Chaine events. When such students are in need of scholarship help, our Bailliage makes funds available it raises through special fund raising projects. This program qualifies for matching funds.

Our Bailliage makes also available full or partial scholarships to local, qualified candidates in financial need so that they may enroll in continuing education courses at a particular school. The portion contributed by the Bailliage is paid directly to the school, thus qualifying for matching funds.

It is both desirable and appropriate that a student receiving a scholarship bear a special designation, such as Chaine Scholar.

For more information on our Bailliage Scholarship program please contact Barbara Walker at or 877-566-4666.