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Benefits of membership

professional_membership_19When the Chaine des Rotisseurs was reestablished in Paris in 1950, two of the five founding members were professionals--a rotisseur and a grillardin. They were soon joined by restaurateurs, hoteliers, caterers, food and wine producers, and others. About one quarter of the world-wide Chaine membership today continues to be made up of professionals. The experience, guidance and interest of our professionals has brought our Confrerie to its present respected place in the world of gastronomy.

To honor the important role of professionals in our society, the Chaine des Rotisseurs recognizes their contribution in many ways. One of the ways we recognize our professional members is by publishing a Directory of Affiliates on our Website.

The Professional Plaque

Upon induction, each professional member receives a handsome, full-color enamel plaque which can be displayed outside or within their establishment. Since Chaine membership is offered only to the finest restaurateurs and hoteliers, the plaque proclaims excellence in food and service. Please note, however, that the plaques remain the property of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and can be displayed only so long as the member remains in good standing and is normally present at the property. Professional members may also use the Chaine logo on menus, brochures or in news releases so long as it is accompanied by the member's name, Chaine title, and the legend "Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs".


Our full-color Gastronome magazine reports on outstanding events held around the country. Whenever possible, we include photos and bios of member chefs and managers of host establishments.

Professional Challenge

Hosting a Chaine des Rotisseurs event offers the opportunity to showcase exceptional skills and creativity for an appreciative, knowledgeable audience. Many establishments use these events as a motivational experience for their staff. Those who "work'' a Chaine

Jeune Chefs Rotisseurs Competition

The national Chaine des Rotisseurs organization sponsors an annual young cooks competition with participants coming from the kitchens of member establishments. Regional winners go on to compete in a national finals with the top scorer of that going on to the international competition held in a different Chaine country each year. Awards are presented at all levels.

Young Sommelier Competition

L'Ordre Mondial, the wine arm of the Society, sponsors an annual competition for young Chaine-sponsored wine professionals. This contest provides participants with the opportunity to display their knowledge on wine, crafted beverages and wine service. Blind tastings and a written test are both components of the competition. Regional winners compete in a national finals. Awards are presented at both levels.
For information about Professional membership

Chaine membership is by invitation only. Please for more information Contact Robert Cugini at: 425 272 2000 or